every word an adventure

I saw it on the Internet.  It’s true. Take that to the bank, and tell them I said so.

It’s hard to even imagine something as good and evil at the same time as the World Wide Web. Visit any forum, anywhere, and it only takes a minute to confirm. But most of us have developed Internet radar that senses when there’s more gas than substance in what we’re reading.

I believe that I’ve actually gained more EUREKA gardening knowledge from regular folks on forums than from the professional experts who live alongside them on the web.

So in that spirit, in case you’ve never experienced it, you really owe it to yourself to check out The GardenWeb Forums. You can get lost for hours. Just turn on the radar, and you’ll probably learn something good that you didn’t know before.

One thought on “every word an adventure

  1. For me, one of my best learning experiences was to be in a community garden. I was the youngest gardener, and also the only US-born gardener. The rest of the community were Ukrainian and Belarusian. Despite the considerable language barrier, they taught me a lot and I still regret that the garden was moved out of reach.


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