this winter’s obsession

It’s going to be a long winter, as always. And like every winter, this one needs an obsession. Last year’s was delving in to what I had skimmed over for decades. The garden, the soil, the basics.

This year’s obsession will likely be more specific. I’m a novice vermicomposter. That will change, but what better time to speed it along than frigid, white winter?

If it’s not apparent why a person might willingly reserve a portion of his home for creatures that eat dung and don’t have appendages, here are a couple of reasons from a wonderful tract about the subject:

  • Vermicompost appears to be generally superior to conventionally produced compost…
  • Vermicompost is superior to most composts as an inoculant in the production of compost teas.

That’s enough for me. That, and the actual results of spraying my vegetable and fruit crops with worm tea last year. There are no doubts in my mind that vermicompost tea, used diligently, is magical. Of 38 gardens, this year’s gave me the highest yields and healthiest plants of any, and by a long shot.

So it’s off to Obsessionville again for me.  First stop is corrugated cardboard.  I’ve read about how well worms like it, and yesterday I came across this GardenWeb Forum post discussing the merits of red wigglers living solely on and in cardboard.  Now these folks seem like serious wormers, what I aspire to be some day.  So I took a small step…

worm bin cardboard

My little worm bin, left half covered with corrugated cardboard

Half of my little bin is now covered with wet corrugated cardboard, half with shredded newspaper.  The guys like to eat and make whoopee just beneath this layer.  We’ll see if either side makes a better food-bed.


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