pre-sprout peas, beans and corn

It’s a lousy time to write about this, I know.  But pickings get slimmer the harder winter presses, and a little bit of summer never hurt anyone.

It used to be that In early spring I’d shake my pea seeds in innoculant, pop them into the cold, wet ground and wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Then the story usually got ugly, because only a fraction of the seeds would eventually peek through, and by that time it was too warm to replant them.

Then I tried pre-sprouting the seeds. This involves placing double layers of damp paper towels onto a plate, spreading out the seeds, covering them with the remaining damp paper towel, and slipping the whole thing into a sealable plastic bag.  In three days or so, the fantastic little roots start to peek out, and they’re ready to plant.

Now this boggles my small mind.  I don’t have the expense, trouble and mess of the innoculant, I know that every seed I put into the ground is viable, and it knocks days, even weeks off the sprouting time.  The concept works equally well with any large seed, particularly beans and corn.

I’ve been using this method exclusively with my peas, beans and corn for a few years, and it really works.  No more blank spots, no more innoculant, and lots more food!


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