favorite seed varieties, part 1

Less than a month till January and second Christmas…seed ordering season.

Here are a couple of standbys that have won a permanent spot on my All-Star list:


Maxibel Green Beans from Park Seed. Beautiful, long, slender beans, 7 inch pods with great taste. Very tender and slender, and exactly what I like. The bushes themselves tend to be large, and benefit from from support, but they taste and yield the same either way. Staggered plantings help extend the season.

There are usually some other varieties of beans in my garden. Last season I thought it’d be interesting to try a purple bean, Velour.  I made the mistake of serving my first batch to company.  To my surprise, the nice looking purple beans turned green when you cooked them.  Kind of defeated much of my purpose in buying the beans.  But the deal breaker was that they tasted like cardboard poo. Not much point, eh?


The second All Star variety that is always in my garden is Avalon Triple Sweet Corn, again from Park Seed (I really don’t get any kickbacks from Park for doing this). It’s an amazing sweet corn, with good-sized ears and a white-ish color kernel. They produce perfectly year after year, but the fundamental reason I don’t try other corn varieties any more is that Avalon is simply the best sweet corn I’ve ever tasted.


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