late garden gift thoughts

I know it’s a little late for Christmas gift ideas, but here are some gifts that I bought myself this year that have earned my very special 5-Star rating:

Liberty Garden Products Garden Hose Reel With 125-Foot Capacity $79.97

Liberty Garden Products Garden Hose Reel

This thing is sturdy and wonderful to use.  It easily holds our 100′ hose, and reels in as easily as any 100′ hose could reel. It’ll last till I’m dead.

Esschert Design Garden Twine Guide $28.85

Esschert Design Garden Twine Guide

The British have some wonderful gardening ideas, and this row marker is one of them.  Again, sturdy, simple and awesome. And it comes with the twine.

Groundwork® T-Post Sprinkler $12.99

t post sprinkler

Tractor Supply sells this t-post sprinkler mount, and it works flawlessly.  Just pop it on top of a t-post, and you have an overhead sprinkler tall enough to reach over the corn and tomatoes. (And yeah, I know there are a lot of recommendations against overhead watering, but we have our own well, and I figure the extra water I use goes right back into it. And overhead watering has never caused me problems if I do it early in the morning before the dew dries).

RapiTest Soil Test Kit $17.79

Rapitest soil test kit

I highly recommend getting your soil tested by an extension agency.  But for the times when you just need a security blanket reading, this is a great kit.  It contains four different test varieties; pH, N. P and K.  It works with test capsules, 10 of each type, so you can do a lot of sampling.

Happy shopping!


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