older than dirt

The median age of the world’s population is 29.4 years.

That means that I’m more than twice as old as most people. ‘Older than dirt’, I think, is the saying.  The little pains pop up, the slight numbness in strange places, and I think, “I don’t feel old inside. I’m still the same person I was when I smelled the grass that my Dad mowed. I still like the lights on the Christmas tree. Low-class jokes still make me laugh.”

But the truth is, I’m old. My body’s degrading. Yours is too. It’s natural and unavoidable. And not bad.

The organisms of time are at work on you non-stop, transforming muscle and skin and hair.  And as you age, you’re also leaving behind little bits of yourself that are dispersed into the world around you. Not bits of muscle and skin…that comes later.  Bits of yourself.  Like a leaf in the garden.

A leaf in the garden takes its time changing, being transformed by the microscopic life that surrounds it. Pieces break off and become smaller pieces. The leaf eventually ceases to be a leaf. But it isn’t nothing.  It’s more than it was.

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