planning to plan

Strange time of year for us Midwestern US gardeners. There’s not much living in the garden beds, unless they’re covered. It’s just a little too soon for the full-blown planning marathons for next season. As far as I know, the official start date for that is January 1.

My remedy is to plan how I’m going to plan. I decided that I’m going to create a dedicated and thorough planting calendar. I’ve put reminders on my cloud calendars in other years, but haphazardly and unsystematically.

This year I plan to grab previous seasons’ garden worksheets and coordinate those with expert-suggested planting dates for this area. And not just for spring, but for the whole season. Then, when I’ve determined the optimal personal planting times for each vegetable, I’ll create calendar events with reminders, each one spanning several days, to account for rain and vacations and sloth.

More than likely, I’ll just plant from memory, but my memory leaves a lot to be desired.

This year I’m also committing to evaluating exactly how much of which vegetables we actually USE. It’s interesting to have chartreuse tomatoes and purple peppers, until you realize that you maybe should have planted a few more useful plum varieties or boring red peppers for freezing and sauce. Maybe a Brussels sprout plant instead of an eggplant. Maybe more cauliflower than broccoli, because the Missus and I just like cauliflower better.

The point is that I need to insulate myself against spring-garden-plant lust. I need to make a plan that’s hard to argue with come the first trip to the local greenhouse.

Starting to feel better already.

7 thoughts on “planning to plan

  1. Hey Dan, I always plan my garden. Pedantic little thing that I am. But as I love rotating I always draft something up. The blog doubles up as a diary 🙂 I always plant stuff and don’t use it .. Laughed when I read that! Spring garden lust Lol! Enjoy getting ready


  2. Yes, I have been at that for a few days now, eyeing the garden through the windows, seeing the raised beds looking sodden and the plants wild and forlorn looking in this blustery and wet weather. But while eyeing the garden I am thinking and planning how I am going to go about growing stuff this coming season. What I’ll grow and what in which bed etc. It is making me itchy to get going.


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