order and chaos

I’m pretty sure it was a mistake to start blabbing about pre-planning next year’s garden. It might have caused me to cross the line into actual planning.
Oh well.

There are people, my wife included, who can just look at a problem or plan and see the possible pitfalls and screw ups. Me, not so much. To make up for a lack of logical sense, I need to work the issue to death in my head, picture every aspect, put it away for a while and then do it again.

Which leads me to last night. I made the mistake of picking up next year’s garden plan. The jumble bothered me. It’s not very neat or particularly orderly. The beds are all different sizes.

Next year’s plan is pretty much a done deal. The garlic’s planted and I amended the soil specifically for the arrangement that I came up with. But I COULD start planning for 2016. Hmmm.

What would it be like to have uniform, orderly rows and permanent paths?

Next year’s garden will look like this:

2015 Garden

So I deleted everything and made nice, tidy 4′ evenly spaced rows like this:

Revised Garden

The benefits would be the ability to possibly use permanent mulch with permanent paths, and uniform-sized beds that could have interchangeable row covers if I ever decided to fork out the bucks.  Easier and more logical crop rotations. And order.

The drawbacks would include my brain, which constantly craves change, relocating my current strawberry bed, lots more work, and order.  I’m not sure I deal well with order.  My personality demands nooks and crannies and chaos.

But there’s a long winter ahead.

7 thoughts on “order and chaos

  1. Hey Dan .. Love this post! Are they raised beds? I like both plans. I always rotate for a host of reasons. Always plant flowers in the garden, companion plant and try and avoid planting in rows (try 😉 ) .. Best of luck, I can’t wait to see your pictures 😀


    • Oops, hit send accidentally. Anyway, I’ve tried some raised beds in the past, but since I’m cheap and lazy, I decided to stay with ground level for the time being. I use marigolds in the garden, but leave the rest of the flowers to the missus (who has a multicolored thumb!). Thanks for your tips!

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