banana peel dryer experiment

Lately I’ve been trying to separate some of my organic refuse, simply because I want to store it for later use in a particular manner, rather than just chuck it all onto the compost pile.  I dry eggshells, pulverize them and put them into used plastic containers.  Same with my personal coffee grounds.  These both eventually get used either in the worm bin or directly in the garden.

I thought I’d try an experiment with banana peels.   I know they can be dried in the oven.  But we supplement our wood heat with a forced-air furnace, and I thought wow, that’s a lot of warm, dry air being pushed around doing nothing else than heating the house.

So I grabbed a latticed grow tray, placed banana peels on it and put it over the register.  I’m sure it’ll work.  Just not sure how banana-y it’ll make the house smell!

banana peel dryer


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