banana peel dryer experiment part 2

There really wasn’t much doubt that drying banana peels over a forced air register would work.  It did, completely.  In fact I set up a second tray on another register.  It took less than a day to make all the peels crispy and ready to turn into potassium concentrate powder with the coffee mill.

dried banana peels

Even though they might not all look it, the banana peels are all crispy, even the yellowish ones.

I’ll probably need to clean up my act when guests arrive on Christmas Eve, but the banana trays will be right back out there after that.

5 thoughts on “banana peel dryer experiment part 2

  1. How exciting!! thank you for sharing and please continue to keep us posted. I will have to hang mine from the ceiling…lol…bc that is where our heating vents are located lol. Best wishes and I am soooo digging your posts. 🙂


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