contraption construction

When I was finished making the thing sitting in my garden, I wondered if it would bother me. 13 feet long. Made of white PVC. It looked big and not especially aesthetic.


It cost $23.55 in pipe and fittings and took less than an hour to make. I was hoping that it would be a project to fill some winter days. But it was done and there it was.

It’s hard to picture the thing full of corn seedlings, covered in bird netting. Maybe I’m vain, wondering if my garden’s turning into a hardware jungle, with tomato cages, t-posts and 6×6 lumber, instead of green retreat.

But I think that’s because this hardware’s just a framework in a void. By August, there’ll be so much green that I’ll have trouble getting down the paths. The framework will still be there doing its job, hopefully unnoticed in the mass of living green. The deer or woodchucks or rabbits that chew the tops off my little corn seedlings might not be as smug, and I’m good with that. I plant this garden to feed us, not them.

The thing, if it works, will protect four staggered block plantings of sweet corn for the rest of my life. ‘Thing’ isn’t a very good name.

Self Contained Animal Barrier.



5 thoughts on “contraption construction

  1. Greetings! Pray this finds you well. You may have covered but as i was reading this post it crossed my mind to ask what way have you found to trellis tomatoes. I am still in search for a better way.


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