random ideas for next year’s garden

I may actually have enough shredded leaves to mulch the whole garden. Or not. It never works out that way.

No purple vegetables next year.

Without a doubt, my favorite garden structure is the concrete reinforcing wire tomato cage. I tried it last year for the cantaloupe plants, which climbed up the cages without effort. Besides a bunch of pickling cucumbers, I always grow a couple of regular cukes for fresh eating. Next year, they get the tomato cage treatment. No more crawling around on hands and knees trying to find hidden, hideously huge cucumbers.

Speaking of pickling cukes, mine grow on a moveable fence trellis. For the first time last year I planted early snap peas on the opposite side of that fence. By the time the cukes start climbing, the snap peas are pretty much done and can be cut off, with a little extra fixed nitrogen left behind for the cukes. I’ll recycle that idea for sure.

Time to renovate the strawberry bed next year after harvest. I’ll mow the tops and then till the outer edges, leaving a strip of plants down the center.

Starting carrot seeds under boards really works. Helps keep the weed seeds from getting ahead of the baby carrot tops. Another recycled and proven idea for next year.

And of course, next time the garden will be perfect.


13 thoughts on “random ideas for next year’s garden

  1. Thanks for sharing your plans, so exciting!! You are reading my mind again… because I too am making plans, which will include the cucumbers climbing on some type of fence trellis. I better put the plans down on paper in hopes of better follow through for 2015.


  2. Yes but your Winters are much different from mine
    It will be interesting to watch how and when you grow your stuff compared to mine over here in the UK
    As you are aware from my site, I am also growing for exhibition, so timings are everything to me


    • Haha, I don’t have much against the color Deby. I planted some purple beans last year, thinking it would be kind of cool to have an extra color besides green and yellow. But they turned green when I cooked them and tasted like cardboard.

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  3. Thank you Julie! (see my reply to Deby above for my anti-purple sentiment).

    I use cages for tomatoes (https://vegetablurb.wordpress.com/2014/11/21/concrete-reinforcing-wire-jungle/) and love them. You don’t have to prune if you don’t want to, although I do keep the lower part of the the plants trimmed to keep branches from touching the ground. The tomato plants just fill up the 2 1/2 foot x5 foot cages, keeping the fruits up off the ground for easier harvest and less disease.

    Regarding carrots, I read somewhere that if you cover freshly seeded carrots with boards for a couple of weeks, keeping an eye out for the first sprouts, it helps keep the seeds moist and deters volunteer weeds from sprouting first. It worked like a charm for me last year, and I’ll definitely try it again.


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