what are your favorite vegetable varieties?

Hope you had an enjoyable and happy Christmas!

Part of the beauty of the blogging world is being able to learn from the experience of others. So I have an uncomplicated request; tell me what your favorite vegetable varieties are and why. Just reply to this post. Even if you’re reading this from the future.

I’ll start.


The two favorites that have a guaranteed spot in my garden every year are:

Moskvitch, an indeterminate early season red heirloom that just produces and produces. It survives my early planting mania under protection, and bears medium sized fruit with the best of them for the whole season. It just always seems to find a way to live and thrive for me.

Jet Star, an indeterminate hybrid with nice round medium sized fruit that also seems to laugh at disease and most weather. Along with Moskvitch, my other go-to tomato.

Sweet Corn:

(which I put out at four different planting times for a long harvest):

Avalon hybrid, perfectly-sized ears of the sweetest corn I’ve ever tasted. Never had a failed harvest, although the Japanese beetles have beaten me to a few ears.

Bush Beans:

Maxibel, a long, beautiful filet bean, intended to be picked while slender. The bushes tend to get so large that they’ll flop over, something that I hope to address this year with supports, but they bear tons of the best beans in the world.

Those are a few of my favorites, recommended without hesitation.

Now I’d like to know what you swear by, so I can copy you!


7 thoughts on “what are your favorite vegetable varieties?

  1. I like larger tomatoes with few seeds, so I can freeze them. Mortgage Lifter is a favorite. In lettuces, a romaine called Parris Island, a loose leaf called Red Sails, and Garnet Oakleaf. These hold up in our long, dry summers. In summer squash, there’s a fun, quirky variety called UFO from Territorial Seed Co. I get good results from Howden pumpkins.

    I try to buy seed from nearby producers, in hopes they’ll be habituated to my climate. Ed Hume, Territorial Seed and Nichols Garden Nursery are usually my first stops.

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  2. My ‘Super Sweet 100’ cherry tomato plants did so well for me last year. I think that I had 3 plants and they produced more than enough for us and I gave pints and pints away too.

    I plan to also plant ‘National Pickling’ cucumbers again; they love to climb and produced like crazy. They make fabulous refrigerator pickles and are yummy fresh in salads.

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