testing the waters

I would guess there’s a very small subset of gardeners who actually make and use worm tea.  Don’t be offended if you do…I’m just sayin’.  I’ve only used it for one season, but I’m ready to say that it might just be THE best plant grower that’s ever been concocted.

I sprayed everything once a week with worm tea last year, and I’ve never had a garden perform so uniformly well, with so little disease.  One year’s not a real test, I know.  But gut feeling says worm tea=good.

The process of making worm tea involves aerating the water.  Last year I used a small fish air pump.  This year, a little beefier.  And I got this for Christmas:


The Bubblesnake!  Had to try it out, like men do.  You can see that it will provide some agitation…

churning water

That was my excitement for the day.  It doesn’t take much.


8 thoughts on “testing the waters

    • Peter, I fill a 5 gallon bucket with non-chlorinated water, add 1/4 cup of unsulfured molasses and sometimes a Tbsp of liquid kelp and make sure that’s well mixed. Then I put a handful or two of worm castings into a paint strainer bag and suspend the bag in the water mixture. Turn on the pump and let it bubble at room temp for 24 hours.

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  1. You have me interested with the worms, I must say. It seems like a space-efficient way to create your own fertilizer.

    With my obsession… uh, keen interest in native fauna, I wonder if you can compost with any worms, or is there a specific variety? In other words, can I have a worm bin with worms I dig up from my existing soil? Because I’m hesitant to use outside worms if there’s a chance they could escape and become invasive.


  2. You’re funny! Love your posts. Im slack, i have everything else but a worm farm. Comfrey tea, fish and seaweed brew (so damned smelly). I didnt know you needed to aerate the tea? Guess it makes sense, as all these ideally should be aerobic .. Nothing like a good stir! 🙂

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