On the demise of Organic Gardening magazine

I don’t know why, but something about this proposed letter makes me want to say ‘Yeah, baby!’ I’m glad that people are more interested in healthy things these days, but Organic Gardening filled a very specific need for a specific set of people (organic gardeners) who won’t be as well served by Organic Life magazine.

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I have been a devoted reader of Organic Gardening magazine for a number of years, ever since ordering my first trial issue via an advertisement printed on an aluminum foil Stonyfield Yogurt lid (!). However, I recently discovered that Organic Gardening is being “re-branded” as Organic Life magazine. For the past several days, I have been mentally composing a distressed letter to the decision-makers. It goes something like this:

Dear Organic Gardening decision-makers,

I am shocked and saddened to hear of the “rebranding” of Organic Gardening magazine into something called Organic Life. Organic Gardening was a unique, 70+ year old magazine; Organic Life is neither. More disturbing, this change clearly signifies a shift in target audience from the producer to the consumer. Just what the world needs – more consumers! Although almost anyone with even the tiniest plot of land (including a rooftop or an abandoned parking lot) can…

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One thought on “On the demise of Organic Gardening magazine

  1. I used to read Organic Gardening, but not for years. I agree with the author’s statement that everyone can afford to garden organically, but not everyone can afford ‘”an organic life” (whatever that is, it makes my nose wrinkle and I sense pretention).

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