planting onion seeds part 2

Back already with changes to yesterday’s post.

As mentioned, I tend toward the obsessive when trying to nail down garden answers.  I feel kind of like a stalker to those poor, unwitting answers.

I hadn’t had much success locating clear, believable, detailed descriptions of starting onion from seed indoors.  But yesterday I finally found a source that I trust because 1): the source is a company whose purpose and profit rely on growing the best seeds, B): it’s a trusted company and Last): the information is clear and well-presented, plus it feels right in the context of my own experiences.

I urge you to watch this if you’re new to planting onions from seed (or just interested in how pros do it), by Sustainable Seed…

The containers he uses look to be a shade deeper than mine, but I’m ok with that. His planting method is the same that I used.

But he suggests ultimately ending up with 15 or so seedlings per pot. That also feels right to me, rather than the 25-30 I originally planned on, because these things do need some room. I seeded two more pots today. Up-potting isn’t mentioned, which is very fine with me because that sounds like a pain with those little threads of seedlings. So I may transplant a couple of seedlings into individual containers, but most I’ll leave in their 4″ pots till it’s time to put them in the garden.

And I immediately caved to seed lust and ordered some Australian Brown onion seed.


3 thoughts on “planting onion seeds part 2

  1. The Australian Brown onion originates from Spain – that’s original. 🙂

    Great timing for me in watching this video – planting more onion seeds are on my to do list. Thankyou Dan 🙂

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