routine search

It hit me that this is a sneakily transformational time we’re living in. Who even thinks about what power they have in a click?

About a hundred years ago the first cross-country phone call was made between Alexander Graham Bell and his bud Mr. Watson. A leap of concept that must have boggled minds.

But we barely give a thought to moving our fingers and getting more information in an instant than we could possibly digest, from experts and common folk alike. Instead of sharing conversations across the country, we’re sharing bundles of information across the world. Instant. Accessible. And it’s not even given a fraction of a second of thought as we integrate the information into our lives.

It’s transformational on a scale of the first cross-country phone call.

Since it’s routine, I think it doesn’t register. But that’s a big idea, having the world’s bank of specific information available to the world.


This crossed my mind as I distractedly read too much information to absorb during a Google search marathon. What power that organization has, deciding through algorithms whose information will be the first the world sees when it wants an immediate answer.

There’s goodness there. I’ve learned not to automatically dismiss a video that starts with “Hello YouTube!” Many illiterate slobs in wife-beaters have better information and presentation skills than some celebrated scholars.

Although many don’t.  Shudder.  And there’s the not so good; ideas stated as fact and repeated until they’re accepted as fact, when they were bogus from inception.

Point is, this is cool, what we’re living, and mind-boggling. Revolutionary. It should be thought about. You’re involved in it right this second.

6 thoughts on “routine search

  1. Yup. In my day job I’ve recently had to research and write about the achievements of some v distinguished scientists. With a few clicks, a youtube interview here, an academic paper there, I can get the gist of entire careers and their contribution to mankind. Amazeballs.

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  2. I used to think my Dad had it tough, going all the way from horse-drawn carriages to a man landing on the moon, all in one lifetime. But compared to what we’ve lived through, my Dad had it easy. Sorry Pops, but it’s the truth.

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