A few posts back I rambled about the amazing ways that we find information right at our fingertips. Nothing much to do with gardening or vegetables, and I only resort to that kind of rambling when there aren’t any garden thoughts on the tip of my brain.

Another one of those today. The amazing appliances we use to access all that information with a click aren’t amazing when they crash.

Luckily, being as old as I am, and being used to the transitory nature of the things I depend on to get this information, I have current backups and cloud storage.

I’m up and running again, but it’s not 8 hours that I’ll look back fondly on. I’m certainly not in a frame of mind to babble about compost.

2 thoughts on “thud

  1. Oh dear, that’s no fun. I am constantly reminded of just how much I have come to depend on this “instant information”, and how much I would miss it if it ever went away. (It’s amazing to this old-timer, who graduated high school before pocket calculators were invented.)

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