Everything is white. I’m impressed with weather authorities and news outlets for not calling it a blizzard. It’s not. But they’ve cried wolf so often in recent years that we start saying ‘Yeah, ok. Another Storm of the Century. Yawn’.

We got a lot of snow in southeast Michigan, more than a foot. Temps in the mid-teens with 30 mph winds overnight. Big drifts. That would have been classified as Armageddon by the weather elite in most recent years. Maybe the latest New York forecast snafu woke some of them up.


This is a snow storm. It’s a little dangerous and hard to deal with, but just a snowstorm. I like snowstorms. Especially when they cause my grown girls, their dogs and our granddaughter to hunker down with us overnight. Pork roast, Super Bowl, then the girls snug in their old beds. Let the winds howl. The wood stove is warm.


3 thoughts on “white

  1. We rarely get snow here (apparently not at all in the last ten years). Last time it snowed, according to the locals who have lived here longer, was actually on Christmas Day. Not unusual for you but Christmas Day here is in the middle of Summer. Dan I love your snow shot and post – how lovely for your family to be all together and snug while it snowed outside.

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