Day after day….How to Grow Lettuce from Your Scraps (and other food)

In all my years of nerdy Internet search gardening, I’ve never once seen this idea (not with lettuce)…it’s just simple and cool! Thanks to Modern Granola At Home, I have a bottom-chunk of romaine lettuce getting a foot bath, ready to join the onion sprouts under the lights.

Modern Granola at Home

Day after day…week after week there are some things that occur in our lives that we know are a constant. One of them our family that is salad… I know a strange constant.

I take salad daily for lunch, it is an amazingly delicious option that is often considered a torture to many, but, not if it is properly prepared.


David chooses instead to buy a salad daily at lunch.  I agree, at first this is a hard venture.  Making a choice that benefits my body’s health is not always easy.  (Yesterday their was a goodbye party for someone and admittedly, I didn’t do so well, I had multiple desserts and felt awful not long after)  Choosing a salad not only benefits ourselves, but our families, our communities.  So today I am back on track.

An argument against a daily salad is the cost, fruits and vegetables can be expensive.  Three ways that…

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3 thoughts on “Day after day….How to Grow Lettuce from Your Scraps (and other food)

  1. Do you keep your sprout tray in sunlight Dan? I tend to grow lettuces that you can just take the leaves without having to remove whole plant. I’d like to try this however with carrots. 🙂

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