lettuce from scraps update

That cool little tidbit of great blog substance that I linked to a couple of posts earlier (from Allison at Modern Granola At Home) has me slapping the side of my head. It’s so simple and so cool. Here’s the butt-end of a head of romaine that I plucked out of the compost two days ago…


Like all things garden-related, the final verdict comes when you harvest the goods. But I’ve never experienced anything growing this much this fast with this little effort. Fortunately the grow room is already up and humming with the onion seedlings I planted a few weeks ago and my wife’s geranium seedlings.


Funny what delights one in the dark days of winter.  Thank you Allison!


10 thoughts on “lettuce from scraps update

  1. Those onions look marvelous. Keep your eye on that lettuce… It looks neat but I am wary… was going to try to make a joke about it being “Undead” since it seems to be coming back to life… (I am sure it’s fine, and not a zombie)

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