zombie lettuce update

(Edit: I need to credit Daphne for the title concept)

Not much shaking in early Michigan February, so I’ll just share an updated pic of the romaine started from a butt-end of store bought lettuce..


zombie lettuce growing in water

I love this. Don’t know why it makes me so happy. I keep the water in its dish at about half an inch, and some diluted liquid kelp the other day. I may just keep it hydroponic until it starts to tell me otherwise.

I’m kinda pumped about the onion seedlings too, since I’ve never grown them. Give them a little haircut when they start partying too hard.


9 thoughts on “zombie lettuce update

  1. Cool zombie lettuce!

    I may try your potful method for onions. I used to do them in small-cell flats but that took up way too much room. They transplant so easily it really was a waste of space.


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