3 seats

These wretched compacted snowdrifts won’t melt. Not when its this cold. It itches so bad, wanting to get outside and work in the garden, and even worse wanting to get to work on converting the old outhouse into a chicken coop.

I believe I have things thought through enough to get started on the project. And it will be a project.

The most challenging part will be getting the outhouse secure from any and all types of intruders. Both gable ends of the roof are open to anything that can fit through. They need to be made secure, but still usable as vents. Something has chewed though the old wood in the corners in a couple of spots, and that’ll need fixing.

The human door needs to be taken off and rehung to open outwards. The old three seater has to be made secure and usable as a shelf for the laying boxes, and a chicken door needs to be made. When it’s all tight and together, then come the normal coop construction items; poop tray, roosts, nest boxes. When all that is together and in working order, I’ll be able to start on the run. I want to be sure the whole concept is workable before going too far.

And unless I feel like working in sub-freezing temperatures, it’ll all have to wait a while.

Anyway, I was able to get things moving in a small way today. I moved all of my wife’s clay pots and geegaws out of the outhouse and into the big barn. Man that woman has a lot of pots.

Now look at this picture:

It has to make you smile. Picture three people seated there on a cold winter night, any three people, trying to work up a good one together. What harmony.


6 thoughts on “3 seats

    • I don’t think so Sarhn. Chickens have been living here for centuries, and electricity’s only been around since last century, and they did fine without it. I’ll certainly watch for drafts and keep their water thawed, maybe a lightbulb on subzero nights, but they do pretty well in these parts, or at least ours did last time we raised,them. 🙂

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  1. Good point. We don’t have chickens (yet) and though our winter is cold for Australia, it isn’t as cold as what you experience. It wasn’t until I read your post, did I even consider it might be something I should think about. Thanks Dan 🙂

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  2. My grandfather had a two holer on the farm until about ten years ago. He told me that when he was young, he was in there doing his business. His aunt was in town visiting and walked in and sat down beside him. He was shocked. She looked at him, told him they were there for business, not foolishness, and could he please hand her the Sears catalog. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

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