Gardening can be so simple. I mean so complex.

Dig a hole, drop in a seed, and a few weeks later, beans on the table.

Or dig several holes, take several scoops of soil, and a few weeks later get test results that tell you how much nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus you have and how much you need. What per cent organic matter your soil contains. What chemicals to add, what organic nutrients would equal that amount of chemicals.

As a general rule I favor the simple. As an exception, I need some spice…the complex. They both make gardening awesome.

Nature is simple and complex, like gardening. The meat is simplicity. The spice comes in the variables; wind, water, temperature, insects, disease, heredity…it’s stupid to go on. The variables just make things exciting.

But there are conventions nature follows that can make gardening life simple. You have to experience them enough times to understand what they are. Reading about the simple truths of gardening is never a bad thing, but knowing the truth IS hard, unless you’ve experienced it.

I think I know a few simple truths about gardening. They’re too complex to explain.

And what I don’t know about gardening is simply mind-boggling. I love that.


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