a tiny step closer to chickens

Yesterday I made my first financial commitment to getting chickens. It’s been 20+ years since we’ve raised them.

The first time around went fine, with the occasional rough patch (predators, rodents). This time I’m a little older, and I realize that though I’ve read a lot more about poultry raising, experience is still the best teacher. So I look forward to relearning.

The worst part of raising chickens that sticks in my memory is the frozen, dirty waterer, and worrying about starting a fire after we got a water heating element.

So that’s where I’m starting. After trying to distill the different theories and opinions on the subject, I settled on this sturdy-looking heated water bucket, into which I’ll install four poultry nipples.


The idea came from this video:

The benefits seem unbeatable. It’s off the ground, it’ll have a cover, it looks very sturdy, there won’t be spilled water, and the heating element isn’t exposed as a fire hazard. It’s a little pricey and there’s a risk I could screw up adding the nipples, but I still feel pretty good about the concept.

The second financial commitment was smaller, and again I won’t know if it’ll work until I try it. With the limited space inside our converted outhouse I had to scour the Internet for feed storage ideas. Galvanized cans were pretty much out; either too big for the space or too small to hold 50 lbs comfortably.

I settled on this recycling bin, which is sized just right for the space I have, should hold a bag of feed, and be convenient to get to.


chicken coop revised 2 pixlr

The concern I have is whether it’ll be rodent-proof, but since it was only a few bucks, it’s worth a shot. But it should fit my needs so nicely; boxy shape rather than long or tall, hinged lid for scooping out feed, the right size for a bag of feed to fit.

Just a pebble in the ocean of what needs to be done, but making the first commitments feels good.


8 thoughts on “a tiny step closer to chickens

  1. I switched to nipple water buckets last summer. You’ll want a good lid to keep dirt out of the water as any tiny sediment will cause the nipples to leak. Aside from that headache, it’s a great system.

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  2. Congratulations on being one step closer! 🙂 I am a first timer myself, about 9 months in, and loving every minute! We use a bucket and nipple system as well. Ours are the horizontal variety and we like them MUCH better than the vertical, less drip. Hope your hard work pays off. Looking forward to hearing how it goes! Good Luck!


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