chicken feeders

Winter needs to end…soon, before my head explodes from reading and thinking. I need some doing.

I’ve made the mistake of searching for the ‘best’ chicken feeder. Yikes. So many thoughts and designs and caveats out there in Cyberia. I’m still kind of dazed.

There are tons of DIY ideas, and a few commercial feeders, and many are very tempting.

I just remember how wasteful chickens were, usually flinging more food on the ground than they ate. So I’m interested in a no- or at least low-waste feeder that doesn’t break the bank.

The PVC feeders can be pretty interesting, and I’m torn between a U-shaped 4″ PVC feeder with head holes drilled into the bottom of the U (this one from ‘Monk’ at BYC)…


…and a 5 gallon bucket feeder that I saw on YouTube that has a 3″ PVC elbow installed for the chickens to poke their heads into.

And then there’s always the simple divided hanging feeder that Tractor Supply sells for $9. Boy that sounds easy.


Gotta ruminate on this one. Any suggestions from real-life experiences are most welcome!

11 thoughts on “chicken feeders

  1. I like the PVC pipe feeder option Dan. You could easily make this yourself hence saving your money. If you don’t have bits of PVC pipe laying around you could ask a local plumber to give you what he or she would trow out (saving them from landfill). Your spring (my Autumn) is coming.

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