fat, color, life

It seems interminable.


I just have to hold on for a few more weeks. This frozen emptiness is always hard. No smell in the air, no desire to go outside unless I have to get firewood. White. Hard.

That’s why I appreciate the green of our almost-full single shelf of seedlings so much.


And the red of my sauerkraut.


I don’t cook much. The missus is amazing at that. Every night something good. (And it’s so easy when she cooks).

But last night I had to fend for myself. So it was kielbasa, onions, potatoes and home-canned red cabbage sauerkraut. None of that phoo-phoo stuff.

Fat is so good.  Color is too.  And life.


7 thoughts on “fat, color, life

  1. These past days when I have been too unwell to venture into the garden, I thought of you Dan and all Northern Hemisphere winter gardeners – at least the sun was shinning outside my house (count your blessings Sarhn). Hoping an early spring is coming your way Dan.

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