heated chicken waterer

Finally…a ‘do’ instead of a ‘think’.

I received all the pieces of my proposed heated chicken waterer, inspired by this video…

It was somewhat pricey (the heated bucket was around $40 at Amazon).  But I’m hoping for something that will last till long after I’m compost, and this bucket is sturdy.  The heating element is sealed beneath the bucket, no chance of moisture or dirt getting to it.

The lid was just a 2-gallon bucket lid that was lying around.  The handle was my own modification because I wasn’t nuts about the way the video example worked.  Just scrap PVC, a couple of bolts, nuts and washers.  The lid kind of rests inside the bucket and needs some way to keep it from sinking down too far.  This worked great.


I also got a pack of nipples from Amazon.  I chose the more common vertical nipples, hadn’t even realized that there were such things as horizontal nipples until mommerz mentioned it in a comment.  They sound awesome, but I was already committed.


The drill bit I used was 23/64″ which was recommended by the guy in the video.  It worked like a charm.  Installed the nipples, filled the bucket, and no leaks!

Thursday we’re due for -19° overnight.  I might just take the waterer out to the outhouse/chicken coop and see what it can do.



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