bright lights, little closet

It’s funny how a tiny space, maybe 4′ by 3′ can add so much brightness and cheer to a winter. Even one four foot shelf for that matter.


On the right, an experimental early pepper; center, new Australian Brown onion seedlings

A while back I tried regrowing romaine lettuce from the butt-end of a grocery store head by just setting it in a half inch of water. What you can learn on the Internet.

It did well. The grow lights were burning for the onion seedlings anyway, so why not? Every so often I added diluted liquid kelp, and it never stopped growing. I probably should have tried to get more information about how to proceed, but the plant was doing so well that I didn’t feel the need to. Still don’t. Such an elegantly simple concept.

So as long as there’s space under the lights, I’ll keep adding little zombies.

They’ve been sitting in water. No roots. Weird.

Yesterday I treated them to some aerated worm tea, and then potted them. I’m not sure whether putting them into soil is the thing to do, but I did it because they weren’t very stable, just perched in plastic dishes.

So good to see those healthy green leaves in this frozen world.


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