Funny how quickly you can ease yourself into new routines. Those pipes that no one seems to be able to un-freeze won’t be thawing on their own in the foreseeable future. So water is lifted and poured rather than pumped. It’s truly amazing how much water we use when it’s available at the flick of a wrist.

This morning I went out to the frost-free spigot on my new morning routine. I shoved the handle up and started filling a bucket when the water flow began to die. Seriously?

I’d just resolved that this wouldn’t be that bad. A little more work, but still livable. But driving to get our water from friends or family? That would put a real crimp in the optimism.

After a moment of freak, the old homesteader inside said, “Think. What’s the probability that this frost-free pipe happened to freeze up over a balmy, above-zero night?”

Went into the pump house, lifted the lid and there it was. The lightbulb I’d put next to the pump had burnt out. I put a heater inside, turned it on and crossed my fingers. Half an hour later the spigot was back in business.

Hooked up a wagon to the 4-wheeler and within a few minutes had 30 gallons ready to flush and rinse and pour.


I’m not trying to sugar-coat this. It’s a pain. But it’s also kind of cool to learn lessons when you’re tucked into an oblivious, comfortable routine.


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