little conveniences

I didn’t write about this when it happened because I was preoccupied.  All I can think is that there must be some evil in my past that I’m being repaid for.

A couple of nights ago, with the outside temperatures at -12° F, I woke up at 4:30 and immediately knew that something was wrong.  The furnace was running but the house was freezing.

Yep. Along with frozen pipes we now had a broken furnace.  Enough to give a guy a complex. I’ve always felt smug having a backup source of water and a backup source of heat.  Neither one are that fun to use in real life, but the wood stove and frost-free spigot are truly wonderful to have when they’re really needed.

I closed up the doors to the living room and got the fire going to a cozy 74°, while the rest of the house was a very uncomfortable 54°.


Fortunately for us, the furnace repair guy was ready to roll and had us back in business by the afternoon.  A faulty logic board.

After experiencing both of these fun little parties, I’ll suggest that if you get to choose one over the other, pick hauling water.  A cold house is truly miserable.

I’ll stop complaining.  I really do appreciate some little conveniences much more than I did a week ago.

7 thoughts on “little conveniences

  1. Our Furnace pooped out one winter night. On a Saturday. I waited until Monday to call the furnace guys to avoid the weekend gouge. That’s when I learned that a dozen votive candles can raise the temperature of a room an entire degree.

    Don’t buy a lottery ticket right now. I’ve got a feeling you’d be wasting your money.

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