stockpile, plan wait

The winter wears on.  Even now in early March there’s no prospect of any temperatures in the 10-day forecast that might thaw the ground in the least. But as grueling as this season has been, we still have keep our eyes on the prize. That’s what I’ve tried to do in little ways since December.

A banana or two every day…somewhere between one and two hundred banana peels, dried with heat that was there for the taking; our forced-air furnace registers.  Scrambled eggs, quiche dinners, pie ingredients, all those eggshells dried on a rack over the register alongside the banana peels.

Right now I have about 1 1/2 pounds of dried, pulverized banana peels, that are 42% potassium.  And about a pound of pulverized eggshells, around 95% calcium carbonate.


I still haven’t decided exactly how I’ll add these amendments to the soil. Maybe just broadcast them evenly over the garden, or maybe sprinkle them into the compost piles, or even set some aside to mix with other goodies like bone meal and Epsom salts as an experimental tomato fertilizer.

It really doesn’t matter much how they get into the soil. They’ll get there along with hundreds of pounds of free coffee grounds from Starbucks.

But for now it’s just stockpile, plan and wait.


10 thoughts on “stockpile, plan wait

  1. That’s a lot of bananas! I’m with you on keeping the eyes on the prize, and in the same boat! Last year Iused lots of pulverized eggshells in the transplanting phase and during the season applied diluted epsom salts to the tomato patch every couple of weeks when i noticed blossom end rot starting up. It completely went away.

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    • Thanks Helen. From what I understand Epsom salts aren’t salt at all, but mineral…specifically magnesium. I’ve used it sparingly as a spray to green up tomato and pepper leaves, and I think it’s sometimes used for roses. I have to be careful though with my alkaline soil, because I think it tends to raise pH.


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