killing time

The driveway is slowly thawing. Evidently the pipes are not. Oh well.

So we find ways to fill the void between winter and spring. I spent a little quality time with the outhouse. No, not that. It’s going to be a chicken coop, remember? I was able to remove the revered top of the three-seater, which will eventually become the platform that holds nests and the feed supply.


I also wanted to be sure that it would be possible to remove the outside door for re-hanging so that it swings outward. Sometimes these old buildings contain petrified wood and immoveable hardware. Luckily it looks promising. The door’s hung with these cool old square nails, that came out pretty easily.


And for grins I added another shelf and two more shop lights to the grow room. We’ll need it.

This is my experimental early bell pepper seedling (King of the North, OP). I wanted to try starting one plant earlier than the rest and pruning it to determine whether I’ll get earlier and/or better peppers.


And one last sad note. Today I had to say goodbye to an old friend. Green Shirt.


For me, a comfortable shirt is the pinnacle of clothing-ness. I try to prolong the relationship until it’s just no longer possible. It’s always bittersweet. Go softly into the night, friend.


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