the poop on the coop

Getting a small flock of chickens has to be a labor of love, otherwise I don’t believe anyone would do it.  It’s a lot of work just getting the coop and run prepped, and then 365 days a year of care.  And I’m starting with an already-made structure.

I’m not complaining, honest.  I love getting up in the morning and heading out to the construction zone while most of the country is busy in cubicles.  Love it.

Yesterday I reversed the coop door so that it swings outward.  It would be impossible to use otherwise, because we’d be pushing poop and shavings around every time we went in…


And I cut the chicken access door…


Still a way to go; door handle, securing old critter damage and the roof vents, finishing up the pop door, setting up the brooder…but it’s still closer, and the Tractor Supply chicks are ready and peeping my name.

12 thoughts on “the poop on the coop

  1. We had chickens at one time, used an already existing building (even had a door in the side for chicken access) and put up fencing. We loved having them until a few years ago we had a really dry part of the year and something came in and ate them all.

    We want to start again but we want to buy or build a chicken tractor and use that instead of what we used before. We could use the old building for winter time and use the tractor in the summer. I would love to free-range them but it’s not possible in our area, neighbors (and their dogs) are too close and I seen that we have coyotes that are close by somewhere. Not to mention my own dogs would kill them if given the chance 🙂

    Boy I loved the eggs though…so much different when the chickens are allowed to eat what they were meant to eat instead of buying them corn to all the time.


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