security in the coop

For a gardening blog this one sure hasn’t said much about gardening lately. For that I apologize. It can’t be long now, can it? Our frozen pipes and chicken coop construction fill the void.

The temporary water solution we found has its limitations…32 degrees. The hose froze last night, so all 150 feet of it were dragged into the house this morning to defrost. Not ideal, but better than hauling water.

The outhouse/chicken coop got a few additions. I installed a pop door using a cool old pulley that’s been sitting in the barn since we bought the place.


I made a brooder box out of scraps. Probably unnecessary with this small space, but I’d like to keep the little ones contained till they’re a bit older.


The rest of the improvements relate to security. I’m glad that we had an existing structure to re-purpose, but it’s a challenge to tighten up an old building that’s basically been sitting unused for more than 30 years.

Squirrels found a way in through the base, and used the place for walnut storage. I racked my brain for a secure way to repair the chewing damage they did to the foundation; a hole right up into the floor. I had what I hope was a genius idea…mixed up a small batch of Redi-Mix concrete and packed it into the damaged areas. I think it will work, and that made my life much easier.


I also installed a raccoon-proof latch and put a hood over the roost to keep away any drafts caused by the roof vents.

Still a few lose ends to tie up and painting to be done, but it should be ready for chicks later this week.

Then on to the run construction.

6 thoughts on “security in the coop

  1. I know what you mean about blog posts whilst waiting for spring to kick in…. It is interesting to read about stuff which isn’t always directly garden related, though. You get a more rounded picture of the person and situation behind the posts šŸ™‚

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