[in Just-]

balloonMan          whistles
I’m really not a poetry guy at all.  But I remember [in Just-] by E. E. Cummings from back when I was [in Just-] my young person days.  Those lines make me happy.
The snow is receding here in southern Michigan.  But I can see green.  The cover crop is working even now to loosen up that block of ice beneath it (mostly the rye).  But in just a few weeks…
It never ceases to amaze me what some plants can endure.  The spinach that I planted last fall is doing better than it ever was [in Just-] a thin shell of plastic, after enduring temperatures of -20°, and the coldest February this region has ever experienced.  My iron pipes should be so durable.
the goat- footed balloonMan.

8 thoughts on “[in Just-]

  1. I love e.e., especially that one. The only green shoots I have right now are the very tips of the hated squill, unless you count the lawn which never, ever stops being green. I can only assume my overwintered spinach is green since I forgot to drive up to the garden and check it. Community gardening = commuter gardening.

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