the poop-hole dilemma

The older I get and the longer I live and garden, the harder it gets to gross me out.  Worm poop, horse poop, baby poop, cat poop, dog poop…you can only see so much poop in a lifetime before your grossometer malfunctions and you just shrug.

So we come to the rear. Of the outhouse-chicken coop.  I’m finally at the point where the ground’s defrosted enough that I can turn my attention the the chicken run.

The back of the outhouse has an all-necessary door.  My thought was to screw it tight, batten it down and start building some wall sections for the run. But in the interests of security, I had to closely inspect all possibly entries into the coop.

My original plan was suddenly changed. The hinged clean-out door and the frame supporting it were rotting. The door wasn’t really keeping anything out anyway; the inside walls are concrete, and nothing’s getting through that.  Beyond that it’ll be inside the run.

So I figured this is just wasting space, sheltered space that could hold an outside feeder or waterer, or could keep the chickens happy and dry.  If it were left enclosed it would make a nice safe dry home for mouse nests.

I unscrewed the hinged door and removed it.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, this outhouse hasn’t been used as intended for years, so after a little shoveling, this is what the business end of an outhouse looks like…

8 more square feet of chicken living space.  Picture Chicken Little under there.  “The sky is falling!”

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