hello, lowe’s, goodbye dollars.

Shopping day.

Yesterday I headed out for chicken run supplies and came home with a buttload of them. Mostly 2″x4″s, with appropriate screws and geegaws. Lawdy.  It sure is easy to empty a wallet in that store.

Then I laid out the approximate area that would be covered by the coop, and started leveling the ground where it’ll sit.


There’s a pretty large pile of used bricks nearby, and I think I’ll set those down beneath the coop frame.  I’ve been wanting to put them to some good use for years, and that should be perfect.

On the gardening front, the pepper seedling that I pruned a couple of days ago is already showing signs of doing what I hoped it would; sprouting laterals…


The end.


11 thoughts on “hello, lowe’s, goodbye dollars.

  1. Ha, I went to Lowes this week to get gutters for the barn. Walked out with 14 of the corrugated steel roofing panels for my chicken enclosures. Money pit!

    I also have a pile of old bricks I think I will use to make walkways through the berry beds of my perimeter garden


    • Haha, it’s so easy, isn’t it? I tried the old bricks as a path in my vegetable garden, and it thought did a good job..leveled, landscape fabric down, a sand base and sand between the bricks. But some how the weeds and grasses found a way to thrive between the bricks anyway. That’s why I still have a pile of used bricks.


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