the outhouse chicken run rises

I am so sore. I am so old. But dang, it feels good.

The last-minute ideas are the killers. I had an inspiration that it might be smart to use some of my old brick as a base for my chicken run. It should at least be a little discouraging to interested diggers.

Honestly, I’m not very worried about something digging into the chicken run anyway. The chickens will be tucked into their (hopefully) very secure coop every night. If I see signs of digging, I’ll consider other options at that time.

At any rate, I leveled the perimeter and put down the bricks.


Then on to my lifelong nemesis: construction.

I have to say I didn’t have any major screw ups, and boy was there potential for them. I’m very happy, and I almost never say that in the middle of a project involving logic, tools or math.


studs going up, with help from my beautiful personal assistant Betty Brace.


the pieces all fit!


let there be sun


i made a box! i made a box!

It still needs some more cross braces, a door, the wire mesh covering and maybe some cover besides wire on top. But the possibility of fatal errors is greatly diminished, and I’m a happy, tired, sore camper.

8 thoughts on “the outhouse chicken run rises

  1. Oh good luck Dan. We had chicks in a hutch in our backyard and we did the brick thing around the base of that. The rats dug under the bricks and into the enclosure .. they were after the chicken food. Someone suggested putting chicken fencing at the base of the run so they can dig all they like but can’t access the area. The only issue with this, is the girls cant scratch properly within the confines. Will you let them free range at all? My girls don’t know how lucky they are!

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    • That’s good to know Julie, although not especially good to hear. I thought about running wire around the bottom outside, but I’m tired of spending money on my pretend chickens right now! It’ll be easy enough to tell if something’s trying to burrow under the pen though, and easy enough to add bottom fencing if I have to. Thanks for sharing your chicken knowledge!

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  2. Dan do you have foxes? Foxes will dig under for sure. My friend lost all her chickens through foxes digging under the enclosure. Another friend lost her chickens with foxes climbing over six foot high fences. Maybe a total enclosed cage that is submerged a little – so the chickens can still scratch.


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