time for that haircut

It was cold out today. I’m still a little sore from chicken run constructing. Have 2x4s gotten heavier?

Just trying to find a likely excuse for not going outside in the wind and plowing into the pen building.

Ah, the onion plants need a haircut.

Before, wild and unruly…


After, suave and tidy, no tapering, more like a crew cut…


Onions are pretty indestructible and trimming the little guys doesn’t hurt them a bit. It helps me not have to jerry-rig the lights to varying heights. They actually need a haircut every few days because they grow so fast.

This is the first time I’ve grown onions from seed, but I don’t believe it’s much like rocket science. We’ll see how they do compared to my usual purchased sets or plants. And I really hope I don’t have to eat the smart aleck rocket science comment rather than onions.


I did hop outside for just a bit to put up a few more joists and whojigits. The door studs are on the opposite side of the structure in this picture, and the bottom right corner is where I hope to put a transfer door to get the girls into a yet-to-be-built chicken tractor.

So close, yet so far.

A  PS about my earliest tomato seedlings.  The other night I fired up our wood stove for the first time in a couple of weeks.  I forgot that there were four seedling pots on top of it, filled with potting soil and tomato seeds.  I made the oddest noise when I finally realized that I was cooking tomatoes.   Anyway, they’re no worse for wear.  Only the plastic bag covering the pots melted.  And yesterday they started popping out.  Talk about bottom heat.



16 thoughts on “time for that haircut

    • Thanks! There are two batches of onions; the six on the right were sown on 1/18, and the six on the left about a month later on 2/14. I water with a weak solution of liquid kelp and very weak fish emulsion every couple of weeks. And worm castings in the potting mix, my favorite!


  1. How big is your vege garden, Dan? You have lots and lots of seedlings all ready to go. Your garden must be huge. Although by the looks of the chicken pen pics you must be on quite a bit of land. Lucky you!


    • The garden is 58′ by 27′, but it includes a row of raspberries, a grape arbor, a row of permanent herbs and the compost piles, so it’s not all vegetables.

      Our place is on 6 acres, and yes I feel very lucky!

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