the chicken pen door is mine

I want to get out and turn under the cover crop, but nature has other thoughts. Rain today, snow tomorrow. Just be Spring, will you? Oh yeah, that is Spring.

In the meantime the chicken pen gets all the attention. And finally, after a lifetime of battles with constructing stuff that didn’t like the way I worked, I’ve conquered A DOOR. It took me all morning. Literally 4 hours to construct a stinkin door. But it fit. And it works.


working in the warm, dry house while my wife’s not there to see it


kneel before me, sniveling door


the new ramp

Learning things later in life, whether in gardening or construction, is way more rewarding than learning things when you’re young. It’s just more amazing. Paying attention to details makes a big difference. When I was young and busy, it was easier to plunge ahead and hope things worked. Hardly ever.

So I pat myself on the back for this. It’s not perfect, but it’s very good. At least for me.

Next up, the fencing.

6 thoughts on “the chicken pen door is mine

  1. Looking good. And following your progress and time committed makes me realize it’s probably a good thing Chattanooga doesn’t allow chickens. In the slower winter months I’d start, but from now until the end of October I’ll be crazy busy without chickens.

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    • Well thanks, that’s nice of you to say. I suspect there are lots of quicker and easier ways to prepare for chickens than what I’ve done, but you’re right, they are a commitment no matter what.


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