beginning and ending

70° F, sunshine, wow. And it so happens that it’s planting day for my main batch of tomato and pepper seedlings.

This year’s varieties from saved seed:
Cherokee Purple
German Johnson
Mortgage Lifter

New to me:
Druzba (I love weird names)
Olpalka (I love weird names)

As well as Jet Star (a hybrid, planted earlier) and Amish Paste.

Everything’s ready, seeds out, pots full, labels made…



And while it was dirty anyway, figured I’d up-pot my experimental pruned pepper seedling. Nice root system, ready to sprawl…


Then out to the perfect day. Winter? Pfft. I don’t even remember winter (except for those still-frozen pipes). It was time to finally finish the never-ending chicken pen.

And it’s done.


Even varmint-proofed the ventilation system….



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