rotate compost bin locations?

Last winter I made some new compost bins. They’re modular, so that each section can fit on top of any other section (a genius idea that came from here…). Right after they were finished, I started thinking hmmm, they’re movable; what if I rotated them in the garden beds just like crops?

But there would be a problem once the bins hit the middle of the garden. No access for trailer loads of manure if I should be so lucky.

Then yesterday the concept poked its head back into mine when I read this article from Mother Earth News. Guess I’m not the only one. It really is tempting to try planting ground that’s spent a year underneath a compost pile. So I’m reconsidering. Maybe keep them in the front of the garden, but still move them within that front row every year.


So my question is to you. Have you ever planted vegetables on compost bin soil? I know the plants would be amazing, but what about the yields? Too much of a good thing?

I’d like to hear your experiences if you have, or your thoughts if you haven’t.


10 thoughts on “rotate compost bin locations?

  1. I tried movable compost bins a few years ago. I had them in my vegetable garden but they got ransacked, every which way. Animals, (raccoons probably) got in and made a mess above ground and mole tunnels came in from every direction below.


    • That’s what I suspect. I had some great tomatoes grown on the edge of the compost pile last year. Just never right IN the compost itself. We’ll see.


  2. I’ve never tried moving mine – there’s really only one place in the garden that’s convenient and it was the same in my old garden. I tend to put them in the place where nothing else would grow as it would be too much of a waste to put them in the sun. Maybe I should try some time though.

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  4. As you can see by my latest post, it’s ALL I do. Of course, I will ‘plug’ sickly nursery plants (that I usually rescue) into the areas in between, but where the compost was always is the bed of the next season. I gave away the rototiller, quit planting in rows, and now companion-and-rotate plant directly into the 4×4 space that remains when I flip a pile. Works every time! No soil testing, amending, or otherwise ‘adding’ fertilizer or riching it up with other stuff.

    Thanks to the microbes, worms, and grubs, it’s all there, minerals ready for the uptake by plants that feed my body. Take care of the soil, and it will take care of you. Cheers, Dan! 😀

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    • Sounds like you have a great working arrangement Shannon. I still enjoy tilling, but if it works out I’ll be super-composting 27 square feet of the garden every season. Pretty exciting!


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