spring things

I decided to move the compost bins down the row and plant the area where they sat last year. Why not? I think I’ll put peppers in there, since they’d be least upsetting to me if something went horribly wrong. The piles needed turning anyway.


It was exciting to see a little steam rising from last fall’s pile of shredded leaves and coffee grounds. It’s coming along well, and should be ready for use by mid-summer.


The fall-planted garlic is poking through the shredded leaf mulch nicely…


And every Spring a pair of geese or ducks makes our pond their honeymoon suite. We were walking the grand-dog and were surprised when a mama goose popped up from the edge of the pond honking, leaving her nest with four or five eggs.


I’m not sure how bright geese are. Last year they built their nest right on the edge of the water, and when the pond rose the nest flooded and none hatched. Their nest is pretty close to the water again this year, so I hope it’s not a real rainy month.

13 thoughts on “spring things

  1. I wonder if you could put in a nesting platform a bit above the water, even using an old pallet, and transplant some native reeds or grasses from elsewhere on the pond edge to provide cover. Not that your chicken coop hasn’t kept you busy enough lately.

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    • Thanks Melissa. Yes, I stocked the pond 13 years ago with bass and sunfish. The winter before this past one was really horridly cold too, and I found many big bass floating dead in the spring. Erg. But hopefully a few made it through the last winter.

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