peeps, peas, poop

I don’t take this wonderful weather for granted for one minute. The compost isn’t a brick, the pipes are running, and there’s not much white to be seen except chick poop. I love every second.

A good day to correct a couple of shortcomings in the chicken coop. The heated waterer that I made has four poultry nipples; two horizontal and two vertical. Unfortunately I installed the verticals first, before I was warned that they can be leaky. They were. So I removed them and inserted bolts.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 9.10.44 AM

The holes still dripped a little, even though I wrapped thread tape around them first. So plan B, hot glue inside and outside around the bolts. Right up there with duct tape in the fix-it world. No leaks yet. The chicks were bedazzled.


Then it was time to use up some of the composted horse manure. I don’t have any problem giving more than my share of whatever I have to my beautiful wife. Except compost. That’s tough. But I was a good boy.


And finally I began the process of pre-sprouting some snow pea seeds. I love this method (putting the seeds between wet layers of paper towels) with larger seeds, especially peas, beans and corn. You know that your seeds are going to poke through the the ground when you plant them.

IMG_4526 IMG_4529


9 thoughts on “peeps, peas, poop

  1. I can imagine how great it must feel now the snow has gone and the hope of spring has arrived. My snow peas are coming through so now I need to net them before the birds eat the shoots!

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