thinking salads

Last fall I planted some spinach seeds and they survived the winter under a hoop house, even though our water pipes – deep underground – froze solid for nearly two months. Amazing vegetables! I planted the spinach seeds a little earlier in the Fall than the previous year (October rather than November), but both worked great.


One of the things that makes harvesting leafy vegetables much less painful is this gizmo…


A salad spinner. We got this one at a garage sale, and the thing is awesomely good at drying out those savoyed spinach leafs after a wash.

And as hard as it is for me to believe, it’s time to start hardening off my first seedlings;  a couple of early tomatoes and the two varieties of onions that I started in January. They’re my first attempt at onions from seed, but so far they’ve been as worry-free as one expects onions to be. I know sets can go in the ground way earlier than this, but little seedlings, even onions, take a little more TLC. So it’s back and forth from the closet to the great outdoors for a couple of weeks for them.



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