Finally the day I’ve been waiting for. Actual, real, dirty-fingers gardening. The snow pea seeds that I pre-sprouted indoors popped. It’s a couple of weeks later than I would have liked for planting them, and how that happened I have no idea. Spend a whole winter dreaming of spring, and then…it just works out that way.


The beauty of pre-sprouting is that the plants will peek through the soil in 3 or 4 days, rather than the couple of weeks (or never) when they’re directly sown. Every seed should sprout too.

At any rate I got around 100 snow pea seeds planted on the opposite side of the cucumber trellis. Hopefully by the time the peas are done, the cukes will be climbing the opposite side and using the extra nitrogen fixed into the soil by the pea roots.

Yesterday was also worm castings harvest day again, just in time to add to a stash for the spring garden transplants. It’s a slow, dirty job, but cathartic. I haven’t found a better way. The process involves making small mounds of castings and shining a bright light on them, causing the worms to dig down away from the light, then scraping away the top layers, and repeating.


I harvest half the bin at a time, leaving the other half intact so the worms can migrate to the new bedding as they feel the spirit. The harvest yielded 11 pounds of vermicastings.

It was also a good day for up-potting the main crop tomato seedlings. Only one hybrid this year, and five varieties from saved seed. This is so much fun I can hardly stand it. I love the concept of perfecting a strain of homegrown seed from the cream of the crop, specifically suited to grow great in my specific garden. Whether it actually works out that way is just fluff. It’s the thought that counts, right?


And finally, I caught the peeps sneaking onto the outside ramp. Adventurous little buggers.



11 thoughts on “finally

  1. I should have pre-sprouted my peas. My fall crop last year never came up and I don’t know if they were just bad seed or varmints got them. Way to go with the saved seed! You may end up with a whole new variety you can name after yourself and become a garden legend!

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