cover up

The past week has been nasty, cold, windy. Tonight’s low is forecast to be 30° F, tomorrow 29°. And as I walked outside this evening I looked up and saw blossoms on our young apricot tree.

Now I’m the first to admit that I’m not very good at orchardry (that’s obviously not a word according to spell check). We only have six or seven young fruit trees, replacements for an older set of trees that bore sporadically. And the new batch hasn’t shown a lot more promise.

So you’ll understand that I stood there and said, “Seriously nature?”

You plant and tend new trees, wait patiently for several years, and then the cold wipes out another year’s crop in an evening.

I did what I could with my limited mental abilities; grabbed some spun fabric row cover from the barn, fought the 25 mph winds, and wrapped the tree. Like Larry, Moe and Curly led by Shemp. Not sure whether it’ll stay in place (it’s held together with clothes pins).

You’re beating your head against the wall when you get mad at nature. But sometimes you’d just like to give Ma Nature a good swift kick in her fat fanny.



20 thoughts on “cover up

  1. Ugh yesterday was the windiest I’ve seen it at the farm but somehow the high almost reached 80! I’m hoping there are no more hard freezes because the buds are swelling on my bare root pawpaw, mulberry and filberts! The apples and walnuts are already leafing out!

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  2. I hardly dare mention that we have had an unseasonably mild April so far and today was warm at about 17c but the weather will change tomorrow and night frosts and cold days forecast. I am sure your apricot will be ok. Did you hand pollinate the flowers? I always find this helps a lot because bees are a bit lazy about flying around in the cold and winds!

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    • …hit send before I wanted to. Is hand pollinating fruit blossoms the same process as hand pollinating say tomato blossoms? Just getting in there and stirring a little?


      • Yes. I use a small paint brush – the sort kids use not the sort for painting the shed! I do this with peaches too. I do it a couple of times as the flowers do not all shed pollen and have receptive stigmas at the same time. It takes a while but it is worth it for the better crop. Just brush the centre of each bloom. Nothing is better than picking and eating tree-ripened apricots – well maybe peaches and peas and… 🙂

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  3. Whoa! If we ever had a dip into the 20’s in aping here, I would think e world is coming to an end.

    As I have young citrus and hibiscus, I’ve had success with wrapping in low watt holiday lights. Keeps them just warm and they’re pretty ta boot.


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