the morning after

Last night the low temperature on our weather station said 21°F. Not much chance of the apricot blossoms making it through that, even with the covering of woven fabric I wrapped around the little tree.

As I unraveled the fabric I saw several browned blossoms. But with a closer look, I noticed that there were still lots of blossoms that hadn’t yet formed and several open blooms that looked fine. Cool beans!

IMG_4584 IMG_4582

So on the advice of one of our fellow bloggers, Geoff, The Biking Gardener, I thought I’d try hand-pollinating a few of the living blooms. He suggested using a small paint brush, which is what I did.


I’ve hand-pollinated tomatoes and squash with good success, but never thought to try it on my fruit trees. This is a young tree, and I haven’t had any fruits form yet, so it’s exciting to think that maybe we’ll have a couple of home-grown apricots this season. If the weather cooperates.

I was also a little concerned for the baby onion plants that I’ve cared for since January, but no worries. Tough little buggers. The peas are just barely poking through, so no noticeable damage there either.

But there’s still a few weeks for Ma Nature to screw all that for me up yet.


11 thoughts on “the morning after

  1. I’ve hand pollinated my lemon before with some success. Had lots of beautiful baby lemons growing and then a freak cold snap happened while we were out of town and I lost all but one. Sigh. Mother Nature can be a hard mistress. Hope you have better luck with your apricots

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  2. Good luck with it! That’s the pain of having Spring come too fast. I’m hoping the apples and cherries continue to be a little slow since on average last frost here is the first week of May. I’m hopin’ ….

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  3. I broke down and put some yardlong green beans out yesterday and don’t you know it ‘winter showered’ last night. Ugh! They seem ok. I put a half-plastic covering around the teepee but there was no top on it. Sure they are a bit shocked as I only hardened them off for two days. Wait til June, wait til June I always say….

    Those blossoms are quite beautiful. but sure wouldn’t fresh apricots be a real treat. Best of luck with that and I look forward to seeing how it turns out.


  4. There was another thing I wanted to mention to ya. I went back and pruned my raspberry bushes again, after reading your post and a couple books on the subject. I not only took the silvery skinned ones but also the ones that produced last year; cut the majority of them down. For fun, I stuck them in the ground just aside the other plants. I made two groupings of about twelve canes. Just stuck them about three inches in the ground and they have almost all begun to produce shoots. I don’t know will they produce fruit this year, but I believe they will eventually. Really cool. It’s like having two new bushes. I’ll put a pic in my next garden update. And the ones I pruned hard, all doing better than ever. Just fyi.


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