plan c

Went out to the coop this morning and found that my genius chickens had figured out the new perch ladder I’d made and were roosting on the poop board. Yay for me, yay for them.


But that’s like a P.S. At the beginning of the post. I actually wanted to talk about plans and reality and tomatoes.

For the past several years I’ve been starting a couple of extra-early tomato seedlings to go into the garden when it’s dangerous, under protection. Last year things went smooth as a baby’s bottom. The two seedlings took off and gave me some extra-early fruit that extended the season by several weeks.

This year? Pretty much the opposite. I had four early seedlings of two varieties. I thought it’d be cool to experiment with lopping off the tops of two of them to see if it created bushier plants, like the pepper plant that worked so well. Not so much.

To add some extra kicks in the pants, I mistakenly chopped the tops off of both plants of one variety. The two early plants of the other variety grew leggy.

Yesterday it was off to plan C. I put in one early seedling from the main crop seedlings and called it a day. I know leggy seedlings would likely turn out fine, but somehow I just can’t bring myself to start out the tomato season that way.

So besides planting about two weeks later than last year, the single plant I put in is an additional two weeks younger than last year’s early plants.


It’s easy to realize what mistakes I made; experimenting on more than one plant, not reading the labels, scheduling a vacation right in the middle of hardening off season (which meant basically starting over with that process).

It’s a hard knock life.  And a whole summer’s worth of dealing with weather, disease and pests coming up. How do I enjoy this so much?

8 thoughts on “plan c

  1. I have only been growing seriously for about four years and it has been a massive learning curve. It kinda hooks you in, I keep wandering into the poly looking for the next job. I still wonder if I am giving them the right amount of water. It gets so hot in there that plugs ,trays and small pots will dry out so quickly. However I am not losing too many seedlings although some don’t appear at all and for no apparent reason! It certainly is not an exact science!👒☔️👒

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